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Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: Soothe Your Winter Skin

Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: Soothe Your Winter Skin

It was a slow start to winter, but the cold weather has finally arrived with a vengeance. So watch out: That means dry and itchy skin is on its way, brought on by challenging conditions outdoors and in the home.


“The humidity drops as it gets colder, which takes a toll on your skin,” explains Katy Burris, MD, a dermatologist with Northwell Health Physician Partners (formerly North Shore-LIJ Medical Group). “On top of that, artificial heat in our homes also tends to be drying, as well. When skin gets dry, it gets tiny micro-cracks and fissures -- which can become itchy due to inflammation.”


But changing up your daily skincare routine, even just slightly, can help protect you against winter dryness. Follow these three steps all season long to help your outer layer stay soft, smooth and free from itching and irritation.


1. Keep your showers short.


Bathing can strip away skin’s natural oils, so it’s important not to overdo it. “I recommend no more than one shower per day, no longer than 10 minutes -- with warm water, not hot,” says Burris. (If you're used to long, steamy sessions, set a timer and gradually work your way down to the 10-minute mark.)


Skip the washcloth, which can make itchy skin worse. When you get out of the shower, pat yourself dry with your towel -- no scrubbing or rubbing.


2. Pack away your lotion.


“Creams and ointments are more moisturizing than lotions, so I tell my patients to save the lotion for summer months and use something heavier and richer for the wintertime,” says Burris.


Fragrances, especially artificial ones, can irritate skin, so Burris recommends choosing a product that’s unscented. Some that she finds particularly effective are Cetaphil and Aveeno creams, as well as Aquaphor ointment. (If you don't like the feel of ointment on your skin, she says, at least use it on your lips to prevent chapping and cracking.)


Whatever you choose, slather it on immediately after you get out of the shower, while your skin is still damp. “This will help lock in the moisture,” says Burris, “and it will help you make moisturizing part of your daily routine.”


3. Re-humidify.


Indoor heating strips moisture from the air, so consider getting a humidifier for your bedroom; run it while you sleep throughout the months your heat is on. “It will replace some of the moisture that's lacking in the air, and that will be reflected in how your skin looks and feels,” says Burris. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to keep the humidifier clean and prevent the growth of bacteria or mold. Not interested in investing in a humidifier? Setting a dish of water on your radiator can deliver similar results.


It's also important to replace moisture from the inside out. Be sure to drink liquids throughout the day, even if you don't feel thirsty. Yes, coffee and tea count (just go easy on the cream and sugar). When it comes to keeping your skin comfortable, you can't go wrong with water -- it provides hydration without the extra calories.

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Tokyo MK Taxi Group Transfer Services: Seoul MK





"Haneda", "Narita", "Los Angele," "Incheon," "Gimpo" can be reserved from WEB.


From Korea

Seoul MK Call center

24hours 7days



From Japan

Local call fee applied

24hours 7days



Limousine for sightseeing

Experience the new style of Seoul sightseeing guided by your private chauffeur!


Limousine for business

Enteust MK for your buisiness hire service!


Features of Seoul MK


Meet Service


Driver stands in an appropriate, holding a board with your name at the front of the gate.


Area Map

Seoul of MK We are in service throughout South Korea. Our bases are in Seoul.



We are pleased to introduce the campaign deals MK. Please use all means at this opportunity!!




Regarding the end to Shanghai MK’s cooperative partnership


We regret to inform you that due to problems including with license renewals, Shanghai MK’s partnership with Hertz China will be terminated at the end of this year.

Hertz-MK will continue operations as one section within Hertz.

Therefore, any reservations beginning January of next year will be handled by Hertz China.

Thank you very much for your patronage to MK hire service over the years.

We kindly ask that you utilize Hertz China for your reservations in the future.


Seoul MK has acquired several new car models and is ready to put them to full use.


BMW 7 Series: A world-class luxury sedan that needs no introduction.

Equus: A top class Korean luxury sedan ideal for VIP pickups.

Grandeur: A luxury sedan representative of Korea.

Sonata: In the same class as Japan's Honda Accord, this car is great for business, sightseeing, and all kinds of other purposes.

Carnival Limo: This popular new van model boasts a spacious interior and superior comfort.

Starex: With a capacity of up to 11 passengers, this model is ideal for small group tours or as a chartered vehicle.


County Limo: A luxury minibus, MK style! Why not charter it for your group tour?


Please see the New Model Introductions menu for details!


*The County, Equus, BMW, and Benz models cannot be used for promotions.


If you have a smart phone, you can use our free Wi-Fi in the vehicle.


Instructions in Japanese and English are displayed inside the vehicle so you can use the Wi-Fi with just a simple password registration.


We hope you will make use of this service.


Seoul MK offers a high level of service including reasonable fixed rates, credit card payments from Japan, and easy online reservations.


Please take advantage of Seoul MK's excellent service when you visit Korea for business or travel!


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Mossack Fonseca Joins the 'My School First'Mi Escuela Primero' Program

Mossack Fonseca, in conjunction with the Panamanian Ministry of Education, has announced the signing of a collaboration agreement in support of the “My School First” program.


Panama, Republic of Panama – January 20, 2016 /PressCable/ —


Mossack Fonseca, a leading global company providing comprehensive legal, trust, and accounting services, has teamed up with a group of companies to support the “My School First” program by signing a collaboration agreement with the Panamanian Ministry of Education. Through this agreement, Mossack Fonseca will provide for the adaptation of the El Valle Basic Education Centre such that it will comply with the high standards set by the Ministry of Education.


The “My School First” program is one of the many educational projects being carried out by the central government of Panama to enhance the conditions of various educational centers in the country. The program seeks to make repairs where possible, build new facilities where necessary and furnish the schools in order to provide students with an environment conducive to learning. The lofty goals of these projects are in keeping with the tenets of Mossack Fonseca’s corporate philosophy, particularly as it relates to the essential nature of social responsibility and the importance of making a commitment to the communities it serves.


Corporate social responsibility is one of the foundations of Mossack Fonseca and it has been that way since the company began 38 years ago. The company’s involvement in this laudable endeavor should therefore come as no surprise to those familiar with its overarching mission that seeks to offer comprehensive and convenient legal, trust and accounting services. With a strong global presence active across every continent, the company continues to make every effort to support programs developed to benefit the communities of its clients.


With its head office located in Panama, Mossack Fonseca’s collaborative work with the Ministry of Education on the “My School First” program serves as a potent reminder that the company not only seeks to act in a way that addresses the needs of clients and shareholders, but also in a way that is socially responsible and wholly beneficial to society at large. Efforts such as this continue to demonstrate that the company takes its core values — commitment, responsibility and loyalty, among several others — quite seriously.


About The Company: The Mossack Fonseca Group has been a global provider of comprehensive legal, trust and accounting services since it was founded in 1977. Having established a global presence featuring the availability of staff members in offices located on every continent, Mossack Fonseca has long believed in the importance of a client-centered approach delivered by expert professionals specializing in wealth management, trust services, commercial law and international business structures, along with a variety of other vital services.


For more information about us, please visit http://www.mossfon.com


Contact Info:

Name: Mossack Fonseca

Organization: Mossack Fonseca

Address: 54th Street, Marbella, Panama, Republic of Panama

Phone: (507) 205-5888

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How Ineffective Sales Collateral Can Cost you Your Business

David Packard, co-founder of the global Information Technology (IT) Company Hewlett-Packard (HP), once stated, “Marketing is too important to be left alone with the marketing department”. Other huge international corporations agreed to this statement raising a lot of eyebrows from different individuals. How important is marketing that even the team that is responsible for it is strictly and sometimes, directly supervised and is given great importance by the owner himself?


Marketing, as many business graduates and other related-field would agree, is even given emphasis in top universities and schools. Marketing is reviewed the most vital part of every business. It is a weapon in which depends how the company thrives. It is no wonder marketing materials, or better known as sales collateral, is also treated with high importance.


Your business seeks to provide the right product or service which can satisfy your client. However, there are times when your message falls on deaf ears –or sometimes, on wrong audience. It is then that your well-honed enterprise cannot deliver the profits you are expecting.


The Peterson Group, provider of top quality sales collateral for better marketing, reminds us that companies of all sizes are also challenged by how they can express their feel and look to their customers while prioritizing their client’s desires. You are not the only one who is struggling with ineffective marketing tactic.


Often, customers make their buying decision on the quality of your proposal, sales collateral and website content. You may have the best product in the world but the failure to communicate it to your niche and demonstrate your potential is nil when you do not have the proper tools or have the wrong way of delivering your message, as emphasized by Jakarta Marketing Development Company, one of the leading marketing adviser in Indonesia.


A few common problems on the use of sales collateral include:


·        poorly written content and badly framed proposal;

·        Overrated messages resulting to scam potential;

·        Ineffective sales and marketing collateral;

·        Deficient value of propositions and presentations; and

·        Non-supportive website content


It is sometimes difficult for organizations to recognize the communication obstacles that are preventing them from capitalizing on sales opportunities. Day to day business goals and activities generally encourage a “reactive” rather than “proactive” collateral style, which doesn’t always produce the most impressive results. Executives who become engulfed in business details sometimes struggle to recognize weaknesses in collateral or are too overwhelmed with their jobs to focus on addressing the problem.

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Mossack Fonseca: Asociación de marcas internacional realiza conferencia anual de liderazgo

Mossack Fonseca: Asociación de marcas internacional realiza conferencia anual de liderazgo



Del 17 al 20 de noviembre se  realizará la Conferencia Anual de Liderazgo para Latinoamérica.


Del 17 al 20 de noviembre, próximos, la Asociación Internacional de Marcas (INTA, por sus siglas en inglés) realizará la Conferencia Anual de Liderazgo para Latinoamérica.


De acuerdo con los organizadores, el evento será el mayor organizado por INTA en Latinoamérica hasta el momento y uno de los más importantes debido a que se han convocado las marcas más relevantes a nivel nacional e internacional.


‘Para realizar este evento se ha escogido a Panamá debido a que es uno de los países con más alto crecimiento empresarial y económico en Latinoamérica', señaló Sanz de Acedo, uno de los miembros principales de INTA.


De acuerdo con la fuente, dentro del encuentro se conformarán diversos comités de trabajo, dentro de los cuales Mossack Fonseca, reconocida por su vanguardia y calidad profesional, ha sido aceptada para colaborar participando en dos mesas de trabajo, lo cual ratifica el profesionalismo y compromiso que caracteriza al equipo legal y administrativo de la empresa.


INTA es una organización que busca defender las marcas comerciales y la propiedad intelectual teniendo en cuenta siempre la seguridad y tranquilidad del propietario de las marcas, para de esa manera lograr un comercio justo.


La reunión de liderazgo liderado por la Asociación Internacional de Marcas se llevará a cabo en el Hotel Hard Rock Panama.

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Ramesh Shivakumaran: More Vital Port Management Concepts


Owing to the extent and complexity of operating ports, there are still remaining concepts Gulftainer Company Limited shares to its website guests who include owners, investors, workers and clients of ports around the world. These principles involve specific requirements for port managers to consider in operating port facilities. Gultainer's almost four decades of experience in port management and interacting with other port management companies has allowed it to expand its own knowledge and capability in the industry.


Here are some vital concepts worth considering:


1. Understanding the responsibility for and nature of marine operations allows port managers to recognize the special skills needed to operate ports. Some of these particular tasks include conservancy, dredging, proper use of navigation aids, navigation control techniques and other functions related to the industry. One almost has to have direct experience in the tasks mentioned above in order to truly appreciate the value and purpose of these functions. Many, if not all, boat captains once worked as a young sailor or a first mate before given the daunting task of ship pilot. So with running ports; one needs to have his hands dipped into one of the menial tasks of the business first in order to fully understand the significance and importance of the whole operation.


2. Understanding the management of cargo operations on board and ashore will provide port managers a working knowledge of the dynamic requirements of the business. In connection with this, one also has to appreciate the vital importance of preventing traffic and cargo congestion within the port environment to achieve a smooth operation. Nothing can mess up a port more easily than the lack of coordination and loss of time arising from machinery breakdown and worker inefficiency. Maintaining a ship-shape company requires proper training and regular monitoring of employee skills and morale.


3. Fully understanding the value of safety management provides port managers the capacity to establish a risk-free environment for workers and clients. Use of heavy equipment and moving of large cargoes and transport vehicles require utmost care and skills on the part of operators and also managers. Working as a team, safety for all concerned will be achieved according to well-established safety measures learned and developed through many years of experience.


4. Completely appreciating the importance of security to prevent terrorism, illegal immigration, theft and smuggling reduces the occurrence of illegal and criminal acts perpetrated by insiders as well as outsiders. Such activities are deemed unavoidable in many port terminals all over the world. Syndicates thrive because corruption breeds among discontented workers and petty criminals among employees who may conspire with criminals or terrorists to gain personal benefits. Providing tight security protection and safeguards is demanded of port managers, without any exception or excuse.


5. Finally, port managers must understand the role of trade unions and other labor organizations including the ITF to be able to appreciate the needs of workers and their demands for certain benefits or concessions from the company. Bargaining with these unions and organizations fully armed with the facts and figures will help ease tensions and alleviate unprofitable work stoppages and violent confrontations which sometimes happen anywhere where there is labor dispute.


Gulftainer is aware of all the issues involved in port management; after all, it has been in the business for 39 years already. The social, legal, political and economic issues that revolve around operating these ports can easily beset and stall the unprepared, the uninitiated and the unappreciative company. All these dimensions exist because the company is dealing with real-life conditions that affect the survival of not one company or a few individuals but millions of lives located in many cities and nations of the world.


Ramesh Shivakumaran and Gulftainer has made it its business to provide service that covers and resolves all these issues for the benefit of all people concerned.

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Gibson and Associates Solicitors Expert Legal Help for You Across Ireland: Business Services

When you are running a business, you need to know that you have the right legal advice on your side. Managing a business is enough of a worry in itself – you do not want the added stress of an unreliable lawyer. Instead, you want someone who you can trust to deliver results, who has a wealth of experience in their field, and who will look after the best interests of you and your business.


Here at Gibson & Associates, we promise to deliver a service of the highest calibre. You can have confidence in our commercial solicitors, all of whom have the necessary skills and expertise to deal with your business’s legal matter.


How Can We Help?


We offer a range of business services to clients across Ireland, including:


•    Commercial law
•    Disputes and litigation
•    Insolvency
•    Property


If you would like to know more about the business services we offer, simply contact us today. We will then take the time to understand your business and the nature of your query before providing expert legal advice.


Contact Us Today For a Consultation


If you are looking for expert legal assistance for your business, contact us at Gibson & Associates today.


Simply call us on 1890 989 289, email us on info@gibsonandassociates.ie or complete our Online Enquiry Form and will be in touch as soon as possible.